Patties Foods Frozen Berries

I reply to a post on LinkedIn.

“The Patties Foods frozen berries scandal is a warning for directors about managing risks – what lessons could you learn? ”

My comment:

There’s lots of testing for bacterial contamination in such products as it’s regulated at Government level. Testing for viruses is not a routine requirement (it is not regulated). There’s been discussions on changing this as reportedly, about 20% of food contamination is caused by viruses and it might be a good idea to start testing.

What Makes An Objectionable Organism?

What is a specified organism?

A specified organism is one that according to the pharmacopeia, cannot be present in a sample (usually 10g). These microbes are specified either as they may be an indicator organism (a microbe where its presence may indicate a pathogenic micobe could be present) or they may actually pose product safety concerns (whether by reducing the efficacy or posing a risk to the end user). Continue reading