Continuous Improvement

This is something I tend to be weak on when it comes to answering in an interview (it does not come up much).  Hence this post to begin to get things ticking over in my brain.

Continuous improvement (CI) is something I’ve routinely done as I’ve updated documents, mapped business processes or followed procedures.  I’ve not followed any official 6 sigma methodology (also known as Lean, Agile, Kaizen) as such, though I have the basics if this in my survival kit and ask why 5 times.

Ask Why 5 Times - pinned to the wall of my cubicle/office

Ask Why 5 Times – pinned to the wall of my cubicle/office

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Project Management

Over the years I have been a member of various project teams.  These were great experiences as I gleaned how to manage projects as well as developed new skills.  Also, contributing to the success of a project is pleasing.

Not having access to MS Project until recently, I created and coded my own Gannt Chart using Microsoft Excel.  This allowed me to manage small projects within the laboratory such as:

  • media expiry date validation
  • Total Microbial Count validation
  • implementation of electronic worksheets

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