Interview Questions I Have Asked

Often there had been sufficient two way dialogue to negate the need to ask questions at the end of an interview.  A lots of advice says not asking questions as the end of an interview is a cardinal sin. If the rapport had been good, the IMO there is no point. What I’ll do is state that everything was covering during our exchange and perhaps summarize a thing or two.

  • What are the major responsibilities for this position?
  • Are there any changes expected in the responsibilities of this job?
  • What organizational changes do you anticipate?
  • What personal qualities would you expect the successful candidate to possess?
  • What are the greatest challenges facing the person in this position?
  • What are prospects of future growth and expansion of the company/organization? Are there opportunities for advancement within
    the organization?
  • What new products/services is your organization thinking of implementing?
  • Why is this position open?
  • Who would I be interacting with the most in this position?
  • How does this position fit in with the structure of the organization?
  • Do you have an employee training program?
  • When can I expect to know your decision?
  • How many other applicants are being interviewed at this stage
  • What is my expected remuneration? (Wages or salary)
  • When will decision be made and is there more than one interview
  • If I am replacing an staff member, will they be present to mentor or train me initially?
  • Is my requirement to give my current employer 4 weeks notice an issue?
  • I would like to confirm the hours.  I imagine some flexibility would be required if needed.
  • Is there anything about me in this interview you have concerns about regarding my suitability for this role?
  • If I am offered the role and accept, how will you determine if I was a successful hire in 6 months time?