Quality Assurance – How to Apply Scientific Principles to Troubleshooting

My work called for presenters on a wide range of topics, both work and non work related. I put my hand up to deliver a talk on something drawn from my background as a scientist. After some thinking I came up with “Quality Assurance – How to Apply Scientific Principles to Troubleshooting”. I thought that would be a good topic as that’s the main thing I do in my current role and I did a lot of it in my old roles. I thought I would be able to impart knowledge to help others examine and solve their problems. Project mangers might find it useful. Software developers might find it useful. Athletes might find it useful.

Feedback from this session was positive.

Quality Assurance – How to apply scientific principles

I developed this into my first LinkedIn Article on 11th April 2019.

Presentation Recording (new and improved – May 2020)

Presentation Recording (original – audio is bad)

You could watch a little of this to see how I improved the presentation.

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