Microbiology For Non Microbiolgists

I have experience developing training and presenting it to small to medium sized groups. Part of this process involves determining the way in which to present the training. Once such way to use some form of visuals in support of speaking. For my Microbiology for Non Microbiologists course, I used Microsoft Powerpoint.

Duration of Session:

  • 60 minutes x1, followed by 10 minutes x1 (display style).  Include practical component.
  • Number of attendees: 5-10.  Can be presented to up to 30.


  • Small Meeting Room equipped with computer display and networked computer

The resources used for this training session will be:

  • Computer – projection screen – power point presentation


  • Booties
  • Contact plate x3
  • Petri dish x5
  • Swab x1
  • Hand sanitizer (or else 2 pair of latex (or equivalent) gloves).
  • Training forms

Who Is The Intended Audience?

  • Production staff and their supervisors.

Some Screen Shots

Microbiology for Non-Microbiolgists pdf export.

Change History

Aug 2020

  • Updated artwork and photos
  • Improved delivery notes and overall content
  • Changed PowerPoint template

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