Notes on ISO 13408-2 (2003) – Aseptic processing of health care products – Part 2 : Filtration

I found the latest ISO online here.  As far as I can tell it is legit (in so far as allowing the ISO online for free) – it certainly is the current ISO.

A recent HR rep from a pharmaceutical company contacted me regarding an open role I Sydney.  After passing my details along to “senior management”, the response I got was “We have had some discussion with senior quality managers about your profile and unfortunately they feel your relevant experience in Sterile Micro going back 10 years is a little too long for us ideally”.

Such a response show a lack of foresight from the employer as they do not want the best candidate for the job.  Do they want someone who knows their stuff?  No.  Do they have a commitment to training and staff development?  No. Continue reading