Sending Emails of a Commercial Nature Binding Agreement

Legal Notice Regarding Junk E-mail/Spam

— — — — — — —

Unsolicited and/or commercial email is not permitted to be sent to this domain. Where you elect to send such email, your email address is recorded automatically and any future mailings to this account will result in your being billed for message transmission and storage services at a flat rate of $250.00 per message received.

Your sending of such email communication constitutes legal notice and acceptance of this policy.

Bills left unpaid after 7 days will be forwarded to your service provider and assessed a 50% late fee. After 30 days, unpaid bills will be referred to applicable credit reporting and collection agencies.

For each 7 day period where payment is not made, a late fee of 50% of the amount owing will be applied.  Payment is accepted through paypal.